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Bianco fantastico granite by Italian luxury surfaces perfect for a kitchen worktop

Kitchen worktops explained – Granite

Choosing the right worktop for your kitchen is important. Along with the main appliances, the worktop is the one area of your kitchen that will get the most use. Understanding how each worktop material performs, its qualities and properties means you can make an informed decision about which worktop will fit your kitchen and lifestyle. In this blog post we look at granite and everything you need to know before ordering a granite worktop for your kitchen.

Belvedere granite by Italian Luxury Surfaces perfect for your kitchen worktop
Belvedere granite

Granite kitchen worktops – what do you need to know before buying?

  1. Pattern – each slab of granite is unique
  2. Colours – range widely from creamy white to black
  3. Style – can be used in any style from traditional to contemporary kitchens
  4. Heat resistance – very good
  5. Durability – extremely good
  6. Affordability – granite can vary in cost, but the long lifespan of granite means that even the most expensive has an extremely low lifetime cost
  7. Sanitisation – due to its porous nature, granite needs to be sealed

In more detail:


With granite, much like marble, every slab is unique. As a worktop material, granite is aesthetically very pleasing with natural inclusions, swirls, specks, veins and other interesting natural elements and patterns in each slab.


Granite comes in a wide mix of colours and predominantly pink, white, grey, black and cream with all the different tones in between. Secondary accent colours such as yellow, green, silver and blue are often seen in the granite. These can vary dramatically and can also add an interesting visual element to tie in with the colour scheme of the kitchen.

Kuppam Green granite


Granite looks good in both traditional and contemporary projects. A more ornate profile (ornate or decorative edge to the worktop) will look better with a worktop that is at least 30mm thick. You can order granite worktops in 20mm thickness, but the choices of colour and pattern will be reduced. This is down to the strength of the granite; granite with more veins and natural inclusions will only be suitable for 30mm worktops as these elements mean the granite slab is weaker in a 20mm thickness.

Heat resistance

Granite has exceptionally good heat resistance though like with any worktop, we would still recommend using a trivet or heat pads underneath hot pans to protect the surface, especially if they are going to be left on the worktop.


Granite is exceptionally durable and hard wearing but like all stone worktops, we do not advise that you chop directly on the worktop as it will quickly dull your knives. A granite surface is however perfect for kneading and rolling out dough and pastry. Despite its toughness, if a heavy object is dropped on an edge, corner or overhanging tabletop, the granite could still crack or chip and we recommend taking care when putting heavy small appliances (such as a kitchen mixer) down on to the surface.

River White granite


A granite countertop will last an exceptionally long time and over the life of the worktop, this makes it very affordable. Granite is timeless and you can change the colour of your kitchen cabinets and interior design scheme without having to replace the worktop. In terms of investment, we believe that granite is worth every penny and we are not the only ones; a commercial manager for a property group that we work with has told us that stone kitchen worktops and stone used in the bathrooms adds four times the cost of the stone to the overall property value.


The porous nature (absorbency or permeability) of granite requires it to be properly sealed to keep it in the best condition. Sealing granite helps it to resist bacteria, stains and stop the absorption of liquids. Though granite does have a good resistance to liquids, and even some acidic liquids such as prosecco and lemon juice, food (particularly the juices and colourings of food) can stain and mark the surface, and resealing is required every few years. Always check that the sealant used is tested and certified as food safe.

Check out our live slab inventory to see what granite and other stones we have in stock right now. Alternatively, if you are looking for something specific, we have a weekly delivery from the best stone houses in Italy direct to your fabricator. Call us on +44 (0)1753 314444  for details.

Terrazzo trend for the modern home

Historical composite stone flooring is reinvented for the modern lifestyle

Stone Italiana Terrazzo in Grey used to maximum effect in this crisp and contemporary kitchen. The large slabs work well for both worktops and flooring.

The history of TERRAZZO is a long one; it is most widely known as the unique material created by Venetian marble workers and masons from oddly shaped marble chips left over after jobs and used for pavements and flooring in Venetian dwellings. During the last century Terrazzo has changed to the form of cement-base tiles using various kinds of grit and chips. This ancient texture is seeing a resurgence in demand as the options in textures, colours, chips and bases have increased its appeal.

Stone Italiana Terrazzo in Dark used on a kitchen worktop. The highly polished finish deepens the near black base colour.

Stone Italiana recycles ceramic chips and quartz waste fragments in their Terrazzo product and create large slabs using the strength characteristics of their quartz manufacturing process. Measuring 307cm x 144cm, Stone Italiana’s terrazzo slabs are suitable for kitchen worktops, bathroom countertops and all worksurfaces including those that come in direct contact with food.

To find out more about Stone Italiana products and other surfaces we offer, please contact us or for more visual inspiration check out our Instagram page

ArtiCAD Stone Italiana

Stone Italiana catalogue available on ArtiCAD

A realistic render of Stone Italiana's Brilliante Black by ArtiCAD
A realistic render of Stone Italiana’s Brilliante Black by ArtiCAD

Italian Luxury Surfaces, sole UK distributor of Stone Italiana’s innovative range of quartz worktops, has joined the ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme. The company’s beautifully manufactured surfaces are now available as a comprehensive graphics catalogue within the ArtiCAD-Pro software, to help designers differentiate their designs and add value to their customers.

We chose ArtiCAD as our first CAD partner because we have been impressed by the innovative developments they have made, particularly their acceleration over the last few years. We wanted to ensure that designers can access high-quality, accurate graphics of our products and create inspirational, photo realistic designs for their customers. The realism of the ArtiCAD graphics allows designers and consumers to really appreciate the quality and sophistication of our materials.

Philip Winter, Sales and Marketing Director, Italian Luxury Surfaces

For more information on the Stone Italiana range of quartz worktops and ceramic surfaces, visit the UK website here:

Get in contact now to discuss your natural stone or quartz work surface requirements – contact us

Stone Italiana UK Italian Luxury surfaces

Cosmolite by Stone Italiana – a truly environmentally-friendly material

Cosmolite by Stone Italiana
Worksurface made entirely from recycled pre-consumer waste by Stone Italiana.

The latest innovation from leading-edge manufacturer of recomposed quartz and marble surfaces Stone Italiana, will be arriving soon in the UK. Made entirely from pre-consumer recycled materials, COSMOLITE demonstrates Stone Italiana’s leadership in material technology.

COSMOLITE is a hi-tech slab designed to provide the design world a truly environmentally friendly material option in terms of both aesthetics and composition. Made from inert materials other than quartz that are 100% derived from pre-consumer recycled waste, COSMOLITE is wonderfully simple to process and handle – exactly what surface installers need and request.

This fascinating material is designed for use as surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms and in larger spaces where technical performance is a must.

To find out more, please contact us and keep an eye on the Collections page of the UK Stone Italiana website for the full details.

Adding value to our Fabrication partners – interview in Natural Stone Specialist

Italian Luxury Surfaces Phil Winter
Phil Winter, the Sales & Marketing Director of Italian Stone Surfaces, in front of some of Stone Italiana’s range of Kerit porcelain.

Our Sales & Marketing Director, Phil Winter talks to Natural Stone Specialist about how Italian Luxury Surfaces can add value to our fabrication partners.

We’re building our business on solid foundations focused on adding value to our customers

Phil Winter, Sales & Marketing Director

Natural Stone Specialist magazine Editor Eric Bignell, spoke to Phil Winter about Italian Luxury Surfaces and how it offers “everything that the discerning fabricator needs“. Since its foundation in 2017, Italian Luxury Surfaces has supplied stone fabricators with hard to find and beautiful natural stone due to a preferential supply agreement with Mondial Granit; quartz and ceramic slabs from leading manufacturer Stone Italiana; and highly-efficient tools for processing natural stone, marble, quartz and ceramics with Wodiam tooling.

The interview also covered one of Italian Luxury Surfaces’ champion causes; VOC emissions and potential health risks from untested and unverified worktops in the home and commercial settings. Certification and verification of the composition of a quartz worktop by a manufacturer is currently voluntary and unverified work surfaces are potentially emitting harmful VOCs into the food and drink, and immediate environment into which they are installed. See the certifications Stone Italiana has secured to confirm the safety of their materials.

To read the full article visit Natural Stone Specialist magazine here: