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Kitchen worktops explained – Granite

Choosing the right worktop for your kitchen is important. Along with the main appliances, the worktop is the one area of your kitchen that will get the most use. Understanding how each worktop material performs, its qualities and properties means you can make an informed decision about which worktop will fit your kitchen and lifestyle. […]

Cosmolite by Stone Italiana – a truly environmentally-friendly material

Worksurface made entirely from recycled pre-consumer waste by Stone Italiana. The latest innovation from leading-edge manufacturer of recomposed quartz and marble surfaces Stone Italiana, will be arriving soon in the UK. Made entirely from pre-consumer recycled materials, COSMOLITE demonstrates Stone Italiana’s leadership in material technology. COSMOLITE is a hi-tech slab designed to provide the design […]

Adding value to our Fabrication partners – interview in Natural Stone Specialist

Our Sales & Marketing Director, Phil Winter talks to Natural Stone Specialist about how Italian Luxury Surfaces can add value to our fabrication partners. “We’re building our business on solid foundations focused on adding value to our customers” Phil Winter, Sales & Marketing Director Natural Stone Specialist magazine Editor Eric Bignell, spoke to Phil Winter […]