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Stone Italiana

Stone Italiana specialise in the creation and production of innovative and high-quality engineered quartz, porcelain and composite materials for use in residential and commercial design projects as kitchen and bathroom worktops, splashbacks, countertops, worksurfaces, tabletops, facades, panelling, tiling and flooring. This family-owned company that has remained at the leading-edge of quartz and composite surface manufacture since it was established over 40 years ago in Verona, Italy. Italian Luxury Surfaces Ltd are the official UK distributor.

Why choose Stone Italiana?

Stone Italiana recognise that they have a safety responsibility that touches every facet of their business and beyond to fabricators and the end users of their products. As a company, they have a total dedication to quality standards across their management processes, supply chain and production including sustainability and environmental safety as demonstrated by their numerous accreditations and certifications from globally recognised bodies such as UL GREENGUARD and ISO. See the full breadth of certifications and accreditations.

Green Vision

Providing the design world with sustainable and aesthetically pleasing materials is nothing new to Stone Italiana; the company has long adhered to an internal Green Vision. Stone Italiana releases external public reports on their Green Vision as proof of the company’s commitment towards a more environmentally conscious world and achieving a circular economy through greater use of recycled aggregates. This commitment has driven the company to continually innovate and focus on increasing the levels of recycled materials across all their products, on creating products that are low VOC and safe for food, and on reducing the company’s overall carbon footprint through the installation of photovoltaics and grid economisers installed at their manufacturing sites. Read their Sustainability reports in our Downloads

Stone Italiana products

Stone Italiana products are often the defining feature of a project and they exhibit their material superiority through their uniqueness, variety, sophisticated colours and tactile finishes. Stone Italiana designs, manufactures and supplies slabs in varying sizes and thicknesses to make them adaptable to a wide range of uses. They have reworked aesthetic details found in nature with high-performance solutions to satisfy an ever more demanding market. Have a look at the collections below.

Read about the history and background of Stone Italiana on their global website

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