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Cosmolite in K Star Green by Stone Italiana on a kitchen worktop and splashbacks available in the UK through Italian Luxury Surfaces

Cosmolite® by Stone Italiana


Cosmolite is a new high-tech slab material made from non-quartz inert materials that are 100% recycled waste minerals. This new material – Cosmolite® – provides the design world with a new choice in terms of sustainability and aesthetics; a great embodiment of Stone Italiana’s long running green directive.

Cosmolite® is easy to process, fabricate and handle, and has the technical performance that comes with all Stone Italiana products; easy to clean, does not scratch or stain and resistant to heat up to 180oC. Certification includes LEED v4, UL GREENGUARD GOLD and NSF /ANSI 51 Std. Food Contact confirming the green credentials, low VOC emissions and safety of Cosmolite® in different applications such as kitchen and bathroom worktops, stairs, interior cladding, etc. Download the full Cosmolite brochure, EPD information and certifications on our downloads page.

Cosmolite is created through the vacuum vibrocompression of crushed inert materials mixed with a small amount of polymeric binder. The inert materials are 100% recycled pre-consumer minerals other than quartz and part of the polymeric binder originates from renewable vegetable sources obtained from non-Genetically Modified (non-GM) and Identity-Preserved (IP) plants.

The 20 distinctive Cosmolite® colourways are grouped into five ranges that reflect the sophisticated beauty and non-conformity found in nature.

Cosmo range

The natural patterns in the three colourways in the Cosmo range bring a soft modern edge to the looks and beauty of ancient terrazzo. Gently curved larger fragments and delicate swirls are silhouetted in a complimentary ground colour with an overall grain. Visually dramatic and appealing, the three colourways in the Cosmo range are:

  • Cosmo – bold black and white
  • Mint – soft green and sand
  • Astro – achingly modern grey and black

Meteor range

The Meteor range features a monochrome option and three neutral colourways, each with an interesting and subtle grainy pattern. Multiple tones, small inclusions and flecks combine to produce an understated contemporary rustic style that creates warmth. The four colourways are:

  • Meteor Ice – light grey and white
  • Meteor Cold – soft mushroom and earthy tones
  • Meteor Light – mid grey and cream
  • Meteor Dark – black with white fleck

Planet range

Fine variation in composition and colouration characterises the three colourways of the Planet range.  The understated cream, grey and black colourways all include multiple shades of grey swirls that appear as a natural veining in a delicately grained ground. The soothing palette of the three Planet options will work in any location. The three colourways are:

  • White Planet – cream and pale grey
  • Black Planet – black and dark grey
  • Grey Planet – dark grey and pale grey

K-Star range

Tailored to the architecture and interior design palette, the neutral colourways in this collection benefits from a light speckle and the addition of a touch of green in StarGreen. Its texture, hallmarked by a slightly larger grit than the other collections, is widely used for furnishing accessories such as kitchen tops, vanity tops, furniture and doors. Perfectly complementing a modern or more classical style, the four colourways in the K-Star range are:

  • StarBlack – black with white
  • StarGreen- dark green and white
  • StarGrey – mid grey and white
  • StarWhite – pale cream with white and brown

Venantis range

The Venantis collection comprises a range of colours, from a soft white to deep black, via a warm beige and an innovative green. Venantis is the ideal choice for those looking for new and distinctive products, of high recycled content and exceptional aesthetic quality, for special uses such as kitchen tops and doors, countertops and cladding surfaces. The six colourways are:

  • Beige Igea – warm beige with brown veining
  • Black Juno – deep black with white veining
  • Green Artemis – dark green with white veining
  • Grey Argo – light grey with brown veining
  • Grey Titano – mid grey with white veining
  • White Teti – pale cream with brown veining

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