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Since its establishment in 1979, Stone Italiana has made its mark on the market with its creative, versatile and innovative approach to producing engineered quartz. They design, manufacture and supply slabs in varying sizes and thicknesses to make them adaptable to a wide range of uses. Stone Italiana works qualities found in nature, such as uniqueness, originality and variety into it’s products, and mixes this with high-performance solutions to satisfy an ever more demanding market.

All Stone Italiana quartz slab materials are:

  • Easy to sanitise
  • Durable
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Heat resistant to 180 degrees C
  • Verified as low VOC – awarded UL GREENGUARD GOLD certification
  • LEED v4 certified
  • Certified as food safe by NSF / ANSI 51 Std.
  • Easy to process, handle and fabricate
  • Available in a variety of surface finishes

Stonit is an evergreen range of collections available in Gloss finish and thicknesses from 1.2 cm to 3 cm. The size of these engineered quartz slabs (144 cm x 307 cm) make them ideal for a wide variety of applications such as kitchen tops, worktops, floors and walls, vanity tops, exterior façades, furnishing accessories, tabletops and special products for interior design and shipbuilding.

The 19 distinctive colourways are grouped into five collections:

Classic collection

A collection of three basic colourways with a slight speckle, available in Gloss finish only:

CMT Essential collection

CMT Essential is the latest collection from Stone Italiana and is the meeting point between their quartz manufacture and their 100% recycled material Cosmolite®. Stone Italiana have selected six of their most popular quartz colourways and recreated them for the future using the manufacturing process to create their innovative Cosmolite® material.

See the full collection information on the CMT Essential page

The six colourways, all available in Gloss finish only, are:

Micro collection

A collection of neutral and contemporary shades, mostly in cooler tones, Micro owes its name to a grain texture that is finer than that of most other quartz surfaces. The four colourways in the collection are available in Gloss finish only:

Micro Inserti collection

The Micro Inserti collection has a coarse grain ground inset with recycled quartz chips. Visually appealing, the two colourways are available in Gloss finish only:

Micro+ collection

With its very fine, almost imperceptible grain, Micro+ is made from superfine quartz powder. It is available in four solid pastel colours, for the purest “plain colour” effect:

A range of original and unique surfaces across five collections. Exclusive compositions and shades achieved through Stone Italiana’s constant dedication to research and development, offering solutions to the architecture and design industry that are a world apart. The Stonit+ collections embody Stone Italiana’s distinctive features, both technical and visual, introducing striking details made possible by the company’s leading edge manufacturing processes. Available in Gloss, Grain and Rocplan 2.0 finishes, thicknesses from 1.2 cm to 3 cm and slabs measuring (144 cm x 307 cm).

The 16 colourways are spread across these five collections:

Inserti collection

Engineered quartz slabs with a percentage of recycled materials. Available in Gloss finish only:

KStone collection

A tight collection designed with the appearance and colours of natural marble especially for use as kitchen worktops. Stone Italiana interprets stone without imitating it, creating a unique product with consistent specifications and performance, in which every slab is different in terms of colour and veining. The two colourways are available in both Gloss and Grain finishes:

Materia collection

A broad palette that offers architects and designers unlimited expressive possibilities; a response to the visual requirements of “modern design” that gives extra significance to the presence of stone in a project. The Materia collection is enhanced in sensory terms: shades of white, gray and pastel colours rendered in many different finishes, just as if they were sheets of paper with different thicknesses, weights and glossiness, to be admired, and above all, touched. Materials that can be used to express a personal design identity. The Materia collection is available in Grain and Rocplan 2.0 finishes.

Native collection

The Native collection combines the veined effect typical of natural stones with a coloured ground. An anagram of the Italian word “venati” (veined), the combination of the soft harmonious aesthetics and strength of quartz makes this product ideal for timeless interiors and kitchens. Available in Gloss finish only.

Terrazzo collection

Terrazzo deserves the label of being utterly timeless. It’s history goes back centuries yet it is often the worktop of choice due to it’s colour variations, patterns and the fact it contains recycled elements. Stone Italiana recycles ceramic chips and quartz waste fragments from their manufacturing processes into their Terrazzo product. The recycled waste fragments represent approximately 27% of the total composition. Using the strengthening capabilities of their quartz manufacturing, Stone Italiana creates large Terrazzo slabs and tiles in different colourways, allowing designers to use this ancient surface material in new ways as flooring, kitchen worktops, bathroom countertops, bespoke table tops, and all worksurfaces. All three Terrazzo colourways are available in Gloss and Grain finishes.


Marmorea is a collection of engineered quartz slabs with solid veining, identical to marble in appearance while retaining the technical specifications and seamless processing that are hallmarks of quartz by Stone Italiana. Its lower environmental impact, improved technical performance and remarkably high gloss make it a responsible alternative to quarry products. Marmorea slabs can vary very slightly in size – please ask about this when ordering. Available in Gloss, Natural and Rocplan 2.0 finishes. Royal Black is also available in Grain finish.

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